About Innoila Group Construction

Innoila Group Construction has been in existence for the past 10 years and has an establish reputation for quality workmanship and customer service. We are continually striving to provide excellence through quality service delivery. With combined years spanning over 30 years of experience in this field Innoila Group Construction offers a wide range of expertise in the construction industry.

Innoila Group Construction provides a service to the Residential, Commercial and Industrial Markets, advising our clients on different options available in the market. Innoila Group Construction works with the top leaders in the industry for example CTM, Natural Stone Warehouse, Mazista and Tile Africa.


  • Our vision is to create a heaven on earth
  • Empowering human resource policies and procedures aimed at creating diversified winning team.
  • A team based approach that guarantees constant and superior results
  • To serve the country by promoting self-reliance through job creation and
  • To ensure there is no discrimination based on gender, color, religion, political affiliation and/or lifestyle.
  • We shall serve the country with the aspects of hope user friendliness and value for money, giving our progressive focus.


To develop, and facilitate responsible and good service to the township. Give back to the community or society through job creation, the provision of professional service to trust customers for them to do a repeat business, and build a trust with the business.


The business exists for construction and other projects. The market is segmented into the various categories in gender; the targeted customers are males and females. Security is needed daily; the business operates as close corporation and is owned by 1 member. These members are fully liable for the business profit, expenses and the liability. The business market is broad and targets all the South African individuals, companies, industries, offices and all other categories that are in need of the service.

The business responsibility also exists to reduce the high rate of unemployment, and also to fight poverty in the country, the creation of jobs and ensuring the good health and safety for the community is a manner of giving back to the community, as for the community is showing the support to the business. The community do not have to feel alone or lonely. The business exists to help the community and generate income.

The business future is to become a job creating business and to sustain the country economy. The business plea is to get funds to establish, starting capital.


This business will give back to the community by ensuring, and creating jobs within the society it operates in, the business exist to be responsible to the society needs. To grow and be the most recognized business that deals fair with its customers to create a good picture for it and run for a long to allow investors to come and invest in the business, shares are also available, and the business will raise income.

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